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Richardson, Texas

Our North Dallas Location in the City of Richardson has an array of benefits for people attending our Jiu-Jitsu academy. We are conveniently located in a multipurpose shopping plaza facing W. Arapaho Rd., which makes it easy to locate. We also have a great selection of nutritional items such as protein bars, energy drinks, and specialty water, as well as other Jiu-Jitsu related items such as armbar soap, defense soap, mouth guards, kimonos, rash guards and almost anything someone would need to be successful at Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. 

Windham, Maine

Gracie Gym Maine is a premier Brazilian Jiujitsu facility located in Windham, Maine. We are conveniently located on Route 302 by Shaws, Staples and a nearby Walmart. Our facility has state of the art equipment using Dollamur swain grappling mats. We have 5 changing rooms, 2 bathrooms, a weight room as well as a recovery lounge featuring a cold plunge and an infrared sauna. We offer classes for all ages and have a full schedule including 6:00am, noon and evening classes.
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